~ About us ~

Jeremy and Jennifer are husband and wife duo!  With 3:17 Photography you get two photographers to capture your day!! What is better than two people in love capturing the most important day of your life?  Your wedding means so much to us and we want to make your day perfect from beginning to end!!!

Jen was born and raised in Point Pleasant, NJ and Jeremy in Chattanooga, TN. So how did we end up together?!? Our love story happened in a very unique way. Both out of recent failed marriages, Jen was playing Words with friends as she did most nights. Jeremy happened to be a random opponent who messaged her. ( flirting with his southern charm) At that time, Jeremy was living in Alabama for his photography work. They hit if off immediately in that chat window. So.... countless chat messages, texts, call, and eventually getting on a plane to NJ to meet Jen happened. When Jeremy arrived It was like a romantic movie when he got off of that plane. When you know you just know. Soul mates do exist! So long story short... After months of a long distance relationship Jeremy finally had enough of it, quit his job, and moved to NJ in the summer of 2017. March of 2018 we were married and have not looked back since. 3:17 Photography was created in the south and reborn in New Jersey and is now bigger than ever! We could not be more grateful to all of you for that!!

When we decided to grow 3:17 Photography in NJ, we promised that we would always  charge what we could have afforded when we got married.  We feel as though so many couples are being taken advantage of by other companies.  We understand the importance of of capturing all the important moments and we will help to make your wedding day stress-free and memorable. But most of all, we understand the cost and stress that comes with it all. We can help you with that part too!!!!

We are often asked where the name 3:17 Photography came from? It was created from a verse in the Bible by Jeremy.

Colossians 3:17 : And whatever you do, in word or in deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

One other thing that sets us apart from most photographers, is we NEVER set a time limit.  We are with you from the moment the Bride & Groom gets dressed/Ready with some before candid shots  and we are with you till you cut your cake!! We MUST capture every important moment of your day! How can you put a "timed" limit on that?

Jeremy has over 30 years of experience in the Wedding industry. Jen almost seven! Who wouldn't want their love story captured by a husband and wife team, who have an amazing love story of their own? We believe the best photos come from a close relationship between our couples and us!

People often ask us what is your style of photography? We only have one answer - YOUR STYLE. With years of experience we can match any vision!!! Nothing is more fulfilling than capturing the love between two people and providing to you the amazing photographs that you will cherish for your lifetime

Please take a look at our testimonials. They are everything to us.  

We would love to chat about your happily ever after!

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